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We provide a fully comprehensive, secure online education catalogue including legal statutes, case precedents and legal references, that enables you to understand how and why a claim for Mortgage Strike Off and Indemnity Compensation can be presented to HM Land Registry on your behalf by an FCA Authorised claims manager.

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We provide our customers with an administration service that assembles the evidence required by FCA Authorised claim management companies (claims firms) to submit an application to HM Land Registry for mortgage Strike Off and Indemnity compensation. 


1% of mortgage value with min fee of £1500 and max fee of £3000

Mortgage Strike Off and Indemnity compensation fees are usually payable on a no win no fee basis to claims firm




If you're a Claims Management Company and require research and technical support relating to mortgage law and or an outsourced administrative service, get in touch to see how Mortagefree could help.




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