Our founder operated a joint venture between 2001 and 2010, with one of the biggest UK banks. The venture brought a range of financial planning solutions to thousands of people that we're seeking to solve critically important everyday financial objectives. The bank provided a credit facility secured on investment assets, our founder's company provided product design, marketing, facilitation and administration. In 2008 during the last financial crisis, the bank illegally foreclosed on credit agreements with the customers; this resulted in the bank seizing customers' assets to the tune of £400m. Our founder was made a scapegoat for the bank's fraud, the matter remains covered up by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).


According to an open letter in 2019 from Anthony Stansfeld (Thames Valley police commissioner) banks up and down the UK had done the same. Illegally stripping an estimated £90 billion of assets from their customers.


According to the 2018 UK documentary The Great British Mortgage Swindle, the banks rely on unlawful common practice to illegally repossess up to 25,000 properties every year.


The banking elites are highly successful in fooling the masses into believing that they take deposits and lend money. But you may be shocked to discover that this is not the case. The Bank of England confirms it in "Money creation in the modern economy". Eminent banking Professor Richard Werner details how the system works in his research document "How do banks create money." According to Professor Richard Werner (one of the worlds most qualified banking experts) and The Bank of England, Banks don't take deposits, and banks don't lend money. The facts are that banks borrow from the public and call them deposits, banks create mortgage credit from their customers promise to pay back these so-called loans.


According to Timothy Madden (a leading mortgage forensic accountant) mortgages are illegal by design. According to Professor Elizabeth Cooke (a leading law professor) who wrote the book The New Law of Land Registration. Every mortgage set up since 1989 is a void nullity, and is mistakenly registered at HM Land Registry.

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When our founder discovered that the so-called borrowers create the credit, that there is no loan, the banks misrepresent their position and defraud their customers by pretending they lend their money.  That every mortgage is a void nullity at law, he decided to expose the fraud and the establishment's perception deception.


The truth is the credit system is rigged and operates under the protection of The Treasury, The Bank of England, The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) The Financial Ombudsman Service. The system, made to look like it operates with integrity in truth works under a massive perception deception. The deception reinforced from birth via a programmed belief system.  Concerning mortgages, to strengthen the perceived integrity of the system lawyers and conveyancers rely on common practice to register fake charges at HM Land Registry.


Our founder invested many years doing his research into this subject and decided that mortgage holders deserved to know the truth; put simply they have been deceived and defrauded.



Our founder launched the Mortgagefree information Platform in 2019 to provide irrefutable information that unpacks the truth that every mortgage set up since 1989 is a void nullity at law.  The Platform proves that banks don't lend their money; the so-called borrower provides the credit. The Platform facilitates you with a personalised void mortgage report, and a tried and tested self-administered Private Administrative Process (PAP) designed to write off your mortgage and pay you compensation equal to all the payments you have made plus interest.  The PAP, based on the highest Maxims of law, operates from peace, honour and truth as it wields its immutable power.  The PAP puts you in an unassailable position with your mortgage provider. They peacefully walk away. The PAP defeats the establishments fundamentally flawed system by focusing its power on the establishments Achilles heal the people that run it "Man to Man".  The PAP holds the "Man" in the office of the corporation personally responsible for misrepresentation, fraud and deception whilst enabling the "Man" to avoid their unlimited liability via agreement of the facts which becomes the law and a way out via a private settlement.




The establishment operates from a pyramid of deception, the system is rigged by design.  Banks and law firms rely on common mortgage practice. But common practice is unlawful.




We provide you with life-changing information designed to enable you to gain confidence through knowledge. We provide you with a roadmap that walks you through how to establish the facts about why your mortgage is void at law and fraudulently constructed. Armed with this knowledge, we show you how you can beat the rigged system by following a tried and tested process that has a high probability of writing off your mortgage and paying you indemnity compensation. We made the information easy to understand and the process as easy as possible to follow; everything is presented via step by step document and video libraries all available via our proprietary information platform.



We challenge the status quo and believe that most of the critical things in life that appear to operate with integrity operate inversely and are not for our benefit.