The seven reasons you will love Mortgagefree.

The seven reasons your mortgage is void at law.

The potential monetary benefits of mortgage write off and past payments compensation.

Get an understanding of why your mortgage is criminal by design.

Realise how the establishment operates to protect the fake and fraudulent credit system and keep you in debt slavery.

Why you can't get justice by being right alone.

Discover how to use leverage against your mortgage providers Achilles Heel – i.e. how to hold the people that run your mortgage provider personally responsible.

How to act as a Sovereign and use the highest form of law, Natural Law to assert your truth and reach a private settlement.

We would love to show you how the law entitles you to write off your mortgage and receive substantial compensation from HM Land Registry equal to all the payments you have ever made. To access this information complete the enquiry form below. Once received by us we will set your free information account up and email you a secure link to your account.



1. Police Commissioner Anthony Stansfeld       overview of £90 billion of bank fraud.

2. The Bank of England money creation in         the modern economy.

3. Professor Richard Werner how do banks      create money.

4. Positive money banking finance and              income inequality.

5. Forensic accountant Timothy Madden          mortgages are criminal by design.


1. The misconceptions around banking.

2. What’s wrong with the money multiplier.

3. How is money really created by banks.

4. How much money can banks create.

5. Do banks create money just for credit.

6. How money gets destroyed.

7. Why is there so much debt.


8.   Professor Richard Werner –                         banks don’t take deposits –                         banks don’t  lend money.

9.   Daly v First National Bank –                        mortgage customer wins in court.

10. How we are still servants to the                  banks.

11. This shocking poll reveals that MP’s          don’t understand how the  monetary         system works.