Learn the reasons your Mortgage is void at law

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Access the free online information that shows:
  1. Learn why your mortgage is void at law from the outset.

  2. Discover the revelation of how you created your mortgage credit and how your mortgage provider defrauded you by pretending they lent you their money.

  3. Understand how the establishment uses a perception deception to successfully fool the majority of mortgage holders to believe that they owe money to their mortgage provider, this flawed belief keeps them in debt slavery.

  4. Easily use your Sovereign power to self-administer a tried and tested Private Administrative Process (PAP) that defeats the establishments fundamentally flawed system and enjoy a mortgage-free life.

  5. Confidently employ Natural Justice to draft your PAP documents from the highest realm of the law that operates above legal statutes and Parliament to reach an unassailable position with your mortgage provider.

  6. From your indisputable and powerful position you instruct the Chief Land Registrar to remove your mortgage from the register at HM Land Registry and pay you indemnity compensation equal to all payments you have made, plus interest.

  7. As you are operating in honour, from truth and with integrity your credit rating is unaffected..

Learn how you can strike off your mortgage and claim substantial compensation with no come back from your mortgage provider.

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