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Providing Education To Mortgagors Relating To Mortgage Strike Off And Indemnity Claims. 

Our Specialists

We have a team of experts and administrators led by Iain C Stamp

Iain C Stamp  CEO 

Iain Stamp is a financial engineer, business and systems architect and strategic leader. As an INTJ, Iain is one of the rarest and most strategically capable personality types. The INTJs form just two per cent of the population. Iain is a serial entrepreneur, is open-minded, determined, independent, confident and has strategic abilities to do anything he sets his mind to

Terry Franks  COO   

Terry Franks is a FSMA compliance expert, Terry also holds the position of Head of Private Banking at Habibsons Bank Limited. Has been Global Treasury Auditor at BAII, Has been a Treasury Auditor at Morgan Guaranty and Treasury Audit Specialist at JP Morgan.

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